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This is the southernmost landmass in the known world. It dominated by the country of Depravia, which has been in a state of perpetual conflict with the other major country on the continent, Sudenten.

The easternmost continent, it is comprised of only one country: Ficia. This country is a theocracy; the state religion is Umlautism. The Ficians connected Frivolon to Oros via the Superian bridge.

The westernmost continent, as well as the most divided. It is home to 11 city states, two of which are the homes of the dwarves and elves. Collabtor is connected to Oros via the Binian Bridge.

Non-continent landmasses


This island is the largest non-continental island on the planet. The island’s climate is the warmest in the known world. The island is rumored to hold deep veins of gold ore. The Binian and Superian bridges connect Oros to Collabator and Frivolon, respectively.

Main Page

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